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Writing user facing documentation is one of my skills and favourite ways to learn about my products. It's a chance to flip my perspective from looking for the good to hunting the really hairy parts. What if we slowed down on test driven development and focused more on documentation driven development? (read the article)

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This apache conf pattern will help you avoid dreaded name duplicates previous WSGI daemon definition errors when you try to serve Django apps with Apache and mod_wsgi. (read the article)

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Last night, I launched something very important to me and pushed DNS on siteimp. Siteimp is a tool that runs website performance audits. (read the article)

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Web performance is one of my interests and performance testing has become a big part of my deployment process. Through my practice, I've learned some things that were not obvious when I first started. I'll share some of these with you. (read the article)

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Web performance and helping non-technical people or digital marketers get the most out of their website are two of my biggest passions. Those interests led me to try (and discard) many different ways to host contact forms. Email is complicated for less technical people to set up and likely isn't the best tool to accept forms anyways. So, I started working on FormImp and pushed v2.0 live on December 7, 2021. (read the article)

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