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A strong generalist with decades of experience with the web - whether you call him a web developer, technical marketer, founder or consultant, one thing is certain - Greg Hluska will figure out your toughest problems.

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Hello, my name is Greg and I prefer he/him. I pronounce my last name “Huh-luska”. Born in Manitoba and educated in Saskatchewan, I love the prairies and currently live in Regina, Canada.

My business

At heart, I am a problem solver with a strong interest in behavioural science. An early, strong fascination with computers has lead to a nearly three decade long fascination with the web. Over that time, I’ve used the web to learn incredible things, some more useful than others, but all incredible.

In the late 1990s, I got disillusioned with school, dropped out and founded my first startup. Since then, I’ve founded several more, including one non profit across several fields. That experience (combined with another foray into the educational system in the mid-2000s) has turned me into a strong generalist with powerful technical skills, high level analytical skills and a near physical addiction to solving tough problems.

My current professional interests are web development (particularly MVP/proof of concept work), technical marketing, advertising tech, helping build a faster internet, privacy and eCommerce. In the past, I’ve done work with IoT and security and would love to get back into those fields.

My family

I have a little girl, wonderful parents and amazing friends.

My life

Whether I’m working or not, I’m almost always listening to a wide variety of music. I can’t pick a particular genre as a favourite, instead I can likely pick off some bands I listen to from just about any genre you can name. And if I can’t, I’ll ask you to teach me about that genre.

A heart condition in 2017 lead me down a path to fitness - running is my current passion and when the pandemic is over, I have some big running goals. One is to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the next couple of years and another is to (eventually) complate the Badwater 135. I’m not sure the last one is either attainable (or sane) but I’ve dropped 180 pounds in mass over the last 3.5 years so at this point, I always bet on myself.

I used to climb but then I had a kid. At some point, I’ll get back into it as I really want to try Mount Saskatchewan in the Yukon and maybe, Denali in Alaska. In the case of Denali, I’ll give it a very tentative “maybe” as it scares me as much as it fascinates me.

About this site

This version of is a major departure for me. First, it’s the first time my personal site is fully commercial - this means that my privacy policy has changed from what you may be used to. The second (and most interesting) is that this site is completely static. It runs on Hugo.


Greg Hluska is a web developer, technical marketer, entrepreneur and writer/publisher from Regina, Canada. When he's not working, he loves spending time with his kid, working out, listening to music and learning new things.

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