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Writing user facing documentation is one of my skills and favourite ways to learn about my products. It's a chance to flip my perspective from looking for the good to hunting the really hairy parts. What if we slowed down on test driven development and focused more on documentation driven development? (read the article)

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After a very busy week, I ran another SiteImp report and checked my progress. Results were fairly good though I have reached a point where my optimizations have started to cause improvements in some areas and regressions in others. I'll conclude my series on optimizing (read the article)

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I've been writing since the 1980s and blogging in some form since the mid 2000s. Blogging is how I practice writing, but it only works because people like you come to read my stuff. It's an honour writing for you and I'm very happy you're here. The main page is a great way to navigate the blog's major sections or you can view my latest posts in chronological order.

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