Greg Hluska is one of very few people with equal amounts of skill writing code and English. He is a talented web developer with a history of implementing complicated solutions and an equally talented writer with a history of writing captivating content.

Greg is available now to give your projects that extra bit of shine. Whether it is to help with some user testing, write blog articles, work on a PR/marketing strategy, or write help content, contact Greg to take your project to the next level.


Greg is a great software developer and he understands the most complicated technical issues. And he’s better than anyone I’ve ever met at explaining them to regular users. I highly recommend Greg.

(Sunil Khan)

Hiring Greg is the best decision I have made as CEO. He is extremely technical and instantly understood our problem and the space. Our user acquisition numbers shot up after we brought him on.

(Mark Hodge)

When I hired Greg, I had a great product with lots of free users but no paying users. Greg helped me revamp my pricing so that the paid tiers provided real value. Then, he implemented a drip campaign that got people signing up. I went from having a great product with lots of free users to running a business with three full-time employees. Lots of factors contributed, but Greg’s marketing savvy kickstarted them.

(David Newsome)