• Greg Hluska is a technical marketer

    He is exceptional at solving your toughest digital marketing problems. Contact him for a quote!

  • Greg Hluska writes code

    His favourite languages are Python and Go. He likes working with Django, UIKit, and Hugo and generally prefers vanilla javascript over frameworks.

  • Greg Hluska hates writing about himself in the third person

    So why does he do it? Peer pressure!

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Welcome back

This is big (for me) but likely inconsequential for you. I have been running Wordpress on this site for a very long time, however, for the last year, I’ve been working hard to make Wordpress behave more like a static site. While my results have been okay, I haven’t been happy enough so I switched over to Hugo. This is my first version of hluska.ca with Hugo!

Over the next day or two, I’ll bring back my blog and lots more content that I’ve been creating over the last several months. For now though, I’m glad to be back.


Technical Marketing

I like building things and getting users so it's inevitable I would get into technical marketing. My interests range from search marketing/SEO to digital ads, tracking bots and figuring out true ROI.

Web development

I like to bring creative problem solving and strong technical skills to projects small and large. Because of my interests and personality, I tend to fit in best with startups but I'm exceptional at bringing a startup feeling to bigger organizations.

Dev Ops

The other side of creative problem solving is that I hate repetitive tasks, so I tend to automate away as much as humanly possible. This saves money, increases efficiency and gets rid of most those dreaded situations where errors cannot be reproduced.