Greg Hluska is an enterprising, highly entrepreneurial full stack web developer/digital marketer from Regina, Canada.

PHP is still Greg's favourite language. He especially likes working with Wordpress and the Slim framework. When the situation calls for it, he can also pull out Ruby or Python (especially when he's working with datasets that are a little too large for spreadsheets).

When it comes to front-end work, Hluska considers himself more of an analyst than a designer. He likes using tools like Google Analytics and custom logging to figure out how actual users use his applications, then tailoring the interfaces so they more closely match user stories.

A highly gifted problem solver, Greg Hluska has consistently demonstrated the ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to the most challenging problems. And a strong leader, he has consistently shown the ability to build and lead warm yet resourceful teams. This mindset, combined with a love of meeting people, a wide array of interests and a gift for getting things done make Greg a wonderful temporary or permanent resource.