Greg Hluska

Innovative Regina based software developer

(At this point in the pandemic, I don't even know who I am outside of Zoom.)

I'm Greg (he/him/his)

Highly innovative, strategic and creative, I have built my career at the intersection of marketing and software development. I caught the entrepreneurial bug in the 1990s, discovered tech startups (before I knew they were called startups), finished a marketing degree in the 00s and have spent the years since solving hard problems for extremely early stage companies.

When I'm not working, I spend my time with my daughter. When she's in school/bored of me, I like running extremely long distances, writing code and writing words.


I launched two projects and added a bunch of content to my blog! Welcome back!!

Land acknowledgements

I was born on treaty 6 lands and currently live/solve problems on treaty 4 lands. Respect to all the hackers/problem solvers who were here first.