Greg Hluska is a full stack web developer/digital marketer from Regina, Canada.

PHP, Python and Ruby are Greg's favourite languages. Lately, he has particularly enjoyed working with Wordpress as it's still the best way to empower users and the Slim framework as it's an amazing tool to quickly write proof of concept APIs. When the situation calls for a fully featured MVC framework, Greg usually gravitates to Rails, though he also has experience with Django and Laravel.

When it comes to front-end work, Hluska still loves jQuery and Backbone, though he also has a lot of experience with (and respect for) Angular 1. Constantly focused on marketing, usability is a big part of Greg's web development practice. He loves working with tools like Google Analytics and custom built logging tools to figure out how real users use applications and where they run into problems.

A highly gifted problem solver, Hluska has always gravitated to the toughest problems that he can find. This strong desire has more often than not led Greg into tech startups. Since he finished his marketing degree in 2007, he has worked exclusively with startups that he has either founded or been an early employee of. Because of this, he has become a strong generalist who can jump almost seamlessly between web development, digital marketing, writing and editing.

Lately, Greg has been focused on a beautiful little startup named Lauren. Born in March 2016, Lauren has the mind of an engineer, the attention span of a toddler and a destructive streak that puts military ordnance to shame.