The first P

For me, it all starts at product - a good product that people enjoy and feel comfortable using will naturally promote growth. Not necessarily because it will grow virally but because you will miss out on a lot of the frustrated churn that plagues early stage companies.

The right tool

Sometimes the best solution is to go 100% custom from the start. Other times, the best solution is to use or customize something open source. And other times, there's already a great product out there. I can help you sort through all the choices and explain the risks/rewards of each.


I am a highly creative problem solver with lots of experience founding or being an early employee/consultant in startups. My combination of marketing, sales and tech skills give me and my clients a powerful advantage as we build out their minimum viable products.

The right data used properly

When times get tough, the businesses that keep best track of their most critical metrics tend to rise to the top. Return on investment is extremely important, but digital advertising creates many situations where it's easy to overstate your ROI. I want to help you find your critical metrics, calculate them correctly, monitor them and use them to inform your most critical decisions.

Free people to do what they're good at

Some parts of the sales and marketing process are extremely repetitive. I like to automate as much as possible, from running drip marketing campaigns to building dashboards that automatically collect the most important metrics and make it easy to view and share what's going on. I let computers handle the repetitive stuff and free people to be creative problem solvers.

Monitor, test and constantly adapt

I don't know everything so when I run ad campaigns for my own businesses, I treat them like science experiments. At web scale, tiny improvements can result in huge gains. I like to constantly monitor, run tests and improve my marketing efforts. Ultimately, I believe in daily improvement more than immediate perfection.

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I write about a wide range of subjects from marketing and PR, to startups to music and books. Reading my blog is the best way to keep track of what I am up to or thinking about.

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