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In this article, I compare the randomness of secret keys generated using Django's built-in key generator and my custom JavaScript method. Using statistical tests like Chi-square, KS test, runs test, and entropy calculation, I analyze the randomness and security of the keys. Both methods show high levels of randomness, with Django's keys slightly outperforming in some tests. ( read the article )

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One of my passions is helping people learn to write code and I know a lot of people who are learning or who have learned Django. I have noticed that a lot of people use web based tools to generate their secret keys and while there's nothing particular wrong with that, I find it worrisome that those tools don't show the algorithm they use to generate keys. So I thought I would create my own secret key generator and use it as a way to start teaching people a bit about how 'random' works in software. ( read the article )

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Some people spend their Canada Day long weekend camping. Others spend it golfing or having barbecues with their families. I spend mine pushing a redesigned version of my website. After a few small snags, it's up and launched. ( read the article )

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I just pushed a redesign of As expected, it works well...except for the part that didn't. So don't be surprised if things are a little strange for the next day or two. ( read the article )

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I'm a very bad designer so it's been tough, but the latest version of my website is almost complete and ready to launch. ( read the article )

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Several weeks ago, I got to start walking some people who were new to Docker through setting up their first containers. I was really surprised by how hard it is for people to write their first containers and configure them properly for local development, so a friend and I decided to open source some of our local development containers. The process of getting them ready to be open sourced has taught me some very interesting things about Docker and teaching software to the masses. ( read the article )

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I hurt my back badly last spring after spending way too much time working a contract. It was a brutal experience, but I learned some things I really wish I had known years before. ( read the article )

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I got into a bad habit a long time ago and started exposing ports at the very end of Dockerfiles, even though I knew it wasn't a good use of Docker's caching. It just looked cleaner and made more sense (to me). However, I did some testing and discovered that keeping that higher up in the dockerfile makes a noticeable difference when it comes to rebuild times. ( read the article )

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I'm not a very good designer so I always find redesigning my website difficult, but this time around, I've noticed how incredibly complicated the modern stack is...even if you just want to design your own website. ( read the article )

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Setting up local environments is a pain that Docker solves effortlessly, but many of the React or Angular containers you find online don't function properly - for example, hot reload doesn't function in many of the options out there. This combination of Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml has things like hot reload enabled and are great for local development. ( read the article )

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