A new theme

Last night at 9pm, I flipped the switch and launched a new version of hluska.ca. This theme is brand new and built with some new ideas I had around WordPress themes so there are definitely some problems, but I’m quite happy with how this theme performs.

It is based off of Underscores which is still my favourite WordPress starter theme. But, I removed all the Underscores CSS/navigation.css and replaced it with Bootstrap 4. At first, I planned to use Understrap, but it’s a long story that I’ll either write about or do my best to forget.

One of my goals for the theme was to cut down on the number of sql queries with an eventual goal of being able to treat things like menus and certain types of front page content as static resources.

I have several features to add but hope to release a version of this theme after Christmas. When I release it, I’ll be looking for some help building and maintaining it. If you’re interested in helping or if you find any bugs, please contact me.

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