The art of making technology easy

Technology can be frustrating and difficult. The landscape is constantly changing and there are so many choices that it can be hard to know where to start. I love helping companies make better choices that not only solve their biggest problems, but also turn their customers into friends.

A citizen of the web

I spent much of high school logged into a Bulletin Board System (BBS) and have been building things for the web since the mid 1990s. The web has always astounded and excited me – from the first time I heard a modem connect, I have been in awe of this incredible invention. Years of deep experience solving complex problems have given me a spacious view of the web and a glimpse into everything that is possible with web technologies. I love the web, respect it deeply, and consider it central to the most important economic revolution since the Industrial Revolution.

Return on Investment is the most important metric

I spent years in University (and several years in the work force) within the accounting industry. How I decided to become an accountant is either a funny story, or an indictment of my guidance counsellor. But, the lessons remained – I love financial metrics, especially return on investment and make all my technology/marketing decisions with this important metric in mind.