December 18, 2019:

This website uses Google Analytics to track visits. While the information gained from Google Analytics is anonymized, I use it to learn about you and how you use this website. I will use this information to improve the website – this information is how I will justify adding new features, bringing back old content from previous iterations of this site, and choosing to focus on certain topics over others. I will also use this information to demonstrate my personal following to people who are interested in investing in my companies or working with me in other ways.

Google will use the information they get from my website to make you click links.

I will never sell any of your information, but I have to pay my bills so I will market to you. A large percentage of what I write is to market myself and if you sign up for my mailing list, I’ll market to you there too. In the context of a privacy policy, this is relevant because I will use the information I gain in paragraph 1, along with public information to help me figure out what to write about. If you subscribe to my mailing list and click a link to my website, consider that a vote towards writing more of that content in the future.

I’m quite obscure so this paragraph likely won’t come up. But if a law enforcement (or similar) agency ever requests your information, I will provide it. Your freedom matters to me but there is no realistic chance that I could afford to fight a subpeona.

This website runs WordPress and if you look really carefully, you’ll see that they insert all sorts of shit onto this page. I’m neither wealthy nor connected enough to have any idea what they do with that data that generates, but it’s the internet and their privacy policy is very much in their favour. So I’m pretty sure that you’re the product (and so am I).

It also uses resources hosted by Microsoft and Cloudflare. Again, I’m neither wealthy nor connected enough to really have any idea what they do with that information, but under their privacy policies, you’re the product (and so am I).