Greg Hluska and his family live in Regina, Canada with a cat and almost a literal ton of vinyl. He used to be cool. Now, he drives a minivan.

He loves music in all forms, though he has a particularly strong affinity for ‘anything with guitars’. This love of music directly lead to his second major hobby – collecting records. Greg also loves reading and collecting books. He can be a bit of a literary nerd, particularly when it comes to classics like Saul Bellow, John Steinbeck, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The open web is another major hobby for Greg. When he’s not busy, he can frequently be found listening to music and hacking away on his latest side project. Currently, Greg is working to build a fully featured, free charting plugin for WordPress. Though php, python and ruby are the languages for which he is best known as a professional, occasionally in his free time, he will hack on projects with languages significantly outside of that narrow set. For example, in the past year, he has worked on projects with Go, Rust, and C#.