A different kind of wake up

Edit – I received some feedback in a comment that indicated some problems with my routine. So, I did some reading and have decided to change my routine. I have updated the article accordingly.

When I was young, I used to be able to get away with whatever I threw at my body. Write code for 16 hours off of two hours of sleep? No problem. Spend a week living off of pizza pops and coffee? Sign me up…

Then, I turned 35 and everything went to hell. By day 3 of the Pizza Pops and coffee diet, I could qualify for Red Cross emergency aid. All of a sudden, my routine started to get important.

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Towards happier developers

(Subtitled – This is not another mental health/diversity post)

While I acknowledge how important mental health and diversity are, I am not going to talk about either. Instead, I’m going to talk about ways that we can make all developers on our teams feel more comfortable and productive. While developer happiness and mental health/diversity are directly related, this post will be about the business case behind truly happy developers.

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