Apple Replay – 2019 (Lauren’s List)

I just wrote a short article on my 2019 Apple Music Replay playlist and some of the stats on my music listening they exposed. Writing that got me thinking about my three year old, her relationship with music and our family’s relationship with devices.

Lauren is three so I don’t let her have devices. That’s not completely true – when she’s at my Mom’s she plays on Granny’s iPad, she uses my laptop when she Skypes with my Dad, and she gets to use my phone when I have to take her to a business meeting. Outside of those special times, she doesn’t get to touch devices.

At some point, that will have to change. Heck, some of her daycare friends already talk about their iPads and Lauren wants one too. She lives in a hyper-connected world and I’m a hyper-connected Dad, so she will want to be hyper-connected too. But honestly, I love the innocence of three and feel like a device will be the end of that, so I’m more resistant than I ever dreamed I would be.

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Messy moments in dadding 2

A few months ago, I wrote about some experiences changing my kid in public. Today, I’m going to write about a different kind of messy moment.

My sister is a wonderful artist and spends a lot of time drawing with my daughter. She is a wonderful aunt and has taken on near godlike status in my kid’s eyes.

Both my sister and I have tattoos so as Lauren gets more interested in art, she’s getting interested in tattoos. I told her the story of each time my friend Shawn tattooed me and told her it’s really special when someone you care about designs a tattoo for you because whenever you see the art, you’re reminded of the person who put it into your skin. It’s like wearing a permanent record of the artist.

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Messy moments in dadding

My daughter is three.

She’s my only child so I’ve been lucky enough to be extremely involved. Or rather, I’ve been lucky that she’s cool enough to become extremely involved in my life. She does everything with me. We watch baseball together, she sits on my knee while I write code and we go everywhere together.

Taking her out in public has created some troubling situations in bathrooms. I can’t count how many times she has needed a change, I’ve taken her into the men’s room and discovered there is no place to change her. If I’m lucky, I’ll get 25 cm of wet-with-who-knows-what counter space between a urinal and a sink, but a frustrating amount of the time, I’m stuck choosing between taking her home early, balancing her on my lap, or changing her on the floor.

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