Apple Replay – 2019 (Lauren’s List)

I just wrote a short article on my 2019 Apple Music Replay playlist and some of the stats on my music listening they exposed. Writing that got me thinking about my three year old, her relationship with music and our family’s relationship with devices.

Lauren is three so I don’t let her have devices. That’s not completely true – when she’s at my Mom’s she plays on Granny’s iPad, she uses my laptop when she Skypes with my Dad, and she gets to use my phone when I have to take her to a business meeting. Outside of those special times, she doesn’t get to touch devices.

At some point, that will have to change. Heck, some of her daycare friends already talk about their iPads and Lauren wants one too. She lives in a hyper-connected world and I’m a hyper-connected Dad, so she will want to be hyper-connected too. But honestly, I love the innocence of three and feel like a device will be the end of that, so I’m more resistant than I ever dreamed I would be.

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Apple Replay – 2019

It’s the end of December and I’m starting to reflect on a full year of listening to music. I listen to music a lot – Apple Music remains one of the best purchases that I make because I get thousands of hours of entertainment for a very small amount of money. I make a point of listening to as many new releases as I can, but I also keep going back to the same basic artists. Here is my look at my 2019 Replay list:

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Review – Deceiver by Diiv

I didn’t like this album at first, but I’m glad that I held off writing this because over the last few weeks, it has become one of my favourite albums of 2019. My initial reaction was based more around Captured Tracks’ promotion for the album than the album itself.

Captured Tracks is one of my favourite labels. If you go through their roster, you’ll find some of my favourite bands. And if you go through their back catalogue, you’ll find a couple more albums that are absolute monsters in my music collection. Captured Tracks releases amazing, cerebral music and I’m confident that I will find something I love in every release.

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Review – Live from Brooklyn Steel by Wild Nothing

Of all the bands I really dig, Wild Nothing is likely the most polarizing. When I mention Wild Nothing to people, I seem to get one of two reactions. It’s either “fucking amazing” or “pretentious music for pretentious people”. Needless to say, I fall into the ‘fucking amazing’ camp. But I was blown away by this live album because I think it has the capacity to unite the two camps.

Wild Nothing has always struck me as this perfect mix of everything I love about Factory Records released on Captured Tracks. Their (or perhaps Jack Tatum’s) sound is best described as dreamy synth-pop, but it’s a little edgier and their studio albums are best appreciated in one sitting.

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