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A few days ago, I was checking out the content on my website and I noticed a problem. Ironically, I spelled ‘website’ in two different ways – ‘website’ and ‘web site’. I found that annoying so set about to fix it.

I checked out some other WordPress search and replace tools and mostly found that they did some weird things with the database, so I decided to build my own. I just finished testing it and am about to release it to the masses.

So far, I call it Keyword Meter and it has two uses. The first screen does keyword research – type in a keyword or phrase you’re interested in and the tool will spit out how frequently it appears in every article. Keyword density is thought important in search engine optimization and keeping tracking of that is very helpful. The most important part (for me) is the search and replace. Hence, I’m going to do a bit of a tutorial on it now and at the end, I’m going to ask for a big favour.

When you load the search and replace screen, you are presented with one input box. It asks what text you want to find. I’ll show you two examples:

As you can see, I used ‘website’ far more but ‘web site’ still made (annoying) appearances. I thought I got all of them, but when I expanded the content, I could see there was still a straggler.

Let’s get rid of ‘web site’ once and for all.

Okay, let’s take a look to see what it will look like:

I like it! Now there is only one more click to change that in the database. “Web site” is a thing of the past and my website only shows “website”. Just to be sure, let’s do one more search:

They’re all gone! Life is good!

That is the preview but now I have a favour to ask. Search and replacing content on a live site is serious business and so I’m looking for smart people to try this out for me. I’ve tested it on my own, but I want to make sure that you feel confident when you use it. Are you interested in beta testing this for me? If so, contact me.

My plans are to do a bit more testing on my own and then submit it to WordPress for distribution through their plugin directory. It will hopefully be available in January.

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