Excellent article on recruiting programmers

When I relaunched, I vowed to avoid these weak, paragraph of text plus a link articles, but I can’t resist posting this. Dan Luu has written an absolutely amazing article about elitism in programming and all the amazing developers who get rejected because of elitist attitudes.


I feel like this article should be required reading for Saskatchewan based startup founders. If we keep our companies headquartered in Saskatchewan, we will not have effective access to the Bay Area’s talent pool. It isn’t that Saskatchewan startups are bad, just that there’s a crippling financial disconnect involved in paying Bay Area salaries at Saskatchewan valuations.

Saskatchewan founders need to start playing programmer moneyball and optimizing for productive teams over superstar developers. I’ll write more about this, but for now, I just want to make sure that the link is out there. I have the feeling that this will form the basis of how I recruit and retain 20x teams. Please note, I’m not talking about mythical 20x developers, I am talking about 20x teams.

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