Struggling with log files

Barely a weekend has gone by since I completely removed Google Analytics from my website and I’m already having regrets. Log files are fine, but I miss being able to go deep into visits as easily as I could with Google Analytics.

Thus far, with log files I can still go deep, but I have to write code anytime I want to go deeper than basic traffic counts and simple click flows. I use Python and their re module so it’s fun code to write, but it seems like such a strange waste to write code to go deep into my log files in late 2019 when those analytics problems have already been solved for years.

Maybe this is bad timing – releasing a new experimental theme at the same time that I dropped Google Analytics is a lot of change in a short time. Realistically, releasing an experimental theme means that I should be more in touch with my data, so on the surface it was a bad decision.

Or maybe I’ll just be a lifelong Google Analytics user after this experience?

All I know is that log files only aren’t working and I suspect that I’ll install Google Analytics in the next few days. My experiment with log files has failed.

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