Building high ROI marketing campaigns – one hour at a time

One of the questions I hear most from (especially new) startup founders is along the lines of ‘how can I increase my marketing ROI if I only have a few extra hours a week?’ My answer often seems to catch people out of left field because it has nothing to do with new customers. In fact, it has to do with old customers.

Still, if I only had a few hours a week and I wanted to do something with a high return on investment, I would talk to my existing customers. They don’t have to be long conversations. Ultimately, I’m interested in what they like/dislike about working with my company, what they would improve if they were in my shoes, and what made them decide to do business with me.

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Review – Deceiver by Diiv

I didn’t like this album at first, but I’m glad that I held off writing this because over the last few weeks, it has become one of my favourite albums of 2019. My initial reaction was based more around Captured Tracks’ promotion for the album than the album itself.

Captured Tracks is one of my favourite labels. If you go through their roster, you’ll find some of my favourite bands. And if you go through their back catalogue, you’ll find a couple more albums that are absolute monsters in my music collection. Captured Tracks releases amazing, cerebral music and I’m confident that I will find something I love in every release.

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Behavioural advertising and return on investment

Several months ago, I was helping a friend do some user interviews. His startup was killing it with Facebook ads but then his returns started to drop. At first it was okay because he was still making money on Facebook but then Facebook dried up. His growth metrics flattened out and he had no idea what to do. So, he asked for my help and I started contacting some of his customers.

While I spoke with them, I noticed a narrative like this coming up again and again:

I researched your company online and was going to sign up for an account but sort of forgot about it. Then I saw the ad on Facebook and it reminded me to sign up.

(Typical customer story)
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Messy moments in dadding 2

A few months ago, I wrote about some experiences changing my kid in public. Today, I’m going to write about a different kind of messy moment.

My sister is a wonderful artist and spends a lot of time drawing with my daughter. She is a wonderful aunt and has taken on near godlike status in my kid’s eyes.

Both my sister and I have tattoos so as Lauren gets more interested in art, she’s getting interested in tattoos. I told her the story of each time my friend Shawn tattooed me and told her it’s really special when someone you care about designs a tattoo for you because whenever you see the art, you’re reminded of the person who put it into your skin. It’s like wearing a permanent record of the artist.

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