Review – Live from Brooklyn Steel by Wild Nothing

Of all the bands I really dig, Wild Nothing is likely the most polarizing. When I mention Wild Nothing to people, I seem to get one of two reactions. It’s either “fucking amazing” or “pretentious music for pretentious people”. Needless to say, I fall into the ‘fucking amazing’ camp. But I was blown away by this live album because I think it has the capacity to unite the two camps.

Wild Nothing has always struck me as this perfect mix of everything I love about Factory Records released on Captured Tracks. Their (or perhaps Jack Tatum’s) sound is best described as dreamy synth-pop, but it’s a little edgier and their studio albums are best appreciated in one sitting.

They’re one of the bands I most want to see live and this album is an excellent example of why. You cannot remove the fun – this is an absolutely amazing live performance because you can tell everyone there had a great time. The band and the audience seem to have had equivalent amounts of fun and you can hear them feed off of each other.

If you’re a Wild Nothing fan, the version of Chinatown will be a standout track. But if you’re not, this is one hell of a good way to explore Wild Nothing’s back catalogue. It is one of the best albums to come out this year.

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